Artists Bio

Mary Blue Brady is an American artist living in Norfolk.

She paints the cultural imprint history leaves echoing on the landscape, ancient footsteps from centuries ago that are ever present in the tides from the fishermen collecting cockles in the creeks, to the farmer bringing in the harvest.  At the crossroads of impermanence the tide shapes the landscape of this small island from Ullapool in Scotland and St Agnes in Cornwall, to the East Anglian coastline.

The landscape is subject to environmental impact caused by man that leads inevitably to climate change unless we change our ways.

The more she looks at the coastline, she sees how we come up against the forces of nature; things that humans can’t control and that we have to give ourselves over to the power of wind, water and weather as wilderness finds a way.  It is much closer to us than we think and we engage with it on unequal terms each and every day.

She also paints the orchard and the garden.  Fruit and flowers in bloom then ripening to fullness as time passes.

She exhibited internationally, although she took a break to raise a family and relocate to England. She earned my Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989 where she studied with the renowned landscape painter, Neil Welliver. She has also studied at the Vermont Studio School, the Maryland Art Institute and the American Institute in Avignon, France.

Her paintings are collected internationally, and she is currently showing in the United Kingdom.