Ever Changing Coastline of Britain

Many places along Britains coast are awash with the remains of submerged forests, shipwrecks, caves, cliffs, and saltmarsh returned again to open water.  The romance of lost tracts of land that over time have shifted back again to sea tell many stories.

Living along the north Norfolk coast, I resonate with the ever changing coastline.  In the minds of man the sea and land seemingly exist as opposites, yet around the edges everything changes every six hours. The coast is vulnerable and fragile.

I paint the cultural imprint history leaves on the landscape, echoing the sound of ancient footsteps from centuries ago, of fishermen collecting cockles in the creeks, of farmers bringing in the harvest.

Each Moment Washes Ashore

The crash of water on rock are like days that crash into night crashing into day; unceasing

Acrylic mixed media, Lands End, Cornwall
61cm x 20cm   2019


Beguiling Summer Expansive & Generous

Imperceptible wind touches the face of sails that move effortlessly through the landscape

Acrylic mixed media,  Alderton, Suffolk
61cm x 20cm.  2019


Wave Surge Changes Everything

The Beach made of sea shells pounded into smitherines by the sea over millions of years

Acrylic mixed media, Porthcurno, Cornwall
61cm x 20cm  2019

Full Moon and Big Tides

Swift weather done the goddess held her sway

Acrylic mixed media, Stiffkey, Norfolk
61cm x 20cm  2019

Satisfied with Stillness and Sound

The summer storms are quite spectacular, the turquoise water and me

Acrylic mixed media, Sennen Beach, Cornwall
61cm x 20cm. 2019

Waiting for Rain

Barley dancing around trees

Acrylic mixed media, Binham, Norfolk
61cm x 20cm. 2019


In a Field, I am the Absence of Field

Bands of colour awash with late summer heat

Acrylic mixed media, Holt, Norfolk
61cm x 20cm. 2019

Suffolk Rivers with White Sails Cutting to the Sea

Sunlight reflects upon the horizon flashes of brilliant white

Acrylic mixed media, Bawdsy, Suffolk
61cm x 20cm. 2019